Our Services

Standard Portable Toilets

Our portable toilets are for construction and building sites and are perfect for keeping your staff and customers happy. They feature a large, forearm submersion basin which is HSE compliant for good hygiene. The unit has a self-contained re-circulating tank which is delivered ready for use. All consumables are provided.

Portable Luxury Toilet Unit 3+1 Toilet Unit

Luxury loo hire for medium/large size events, our 3+1 units offer an excellent standard of facilities. Suitable for weddings, parties or any outdoor event of up to 200 guests. Alternatively, two or more units can be used for larger events. All consumables are provided with every toilet unit. Please remember: Luxury toilet units are large trailers – these need wide access and a reasonably level site. Each toilet trailer unit uses quality fixtures and fittings and is maintained to the highest standards.

Disabled Portable Toilets

Our portable disabled toilet is specifically designed with a low floor and handrails throughout to accommodate the user’s needs. The unit has a strong build and the added benefit of being much more portable than our larger units. All consumables are provided. For example, hand sanitiser and toilet roll.

Deluxe Portable Toilets

Our deluxe loos are the perfect hire for event uses to keep your event attendees happy. These loos are of commercial quality, with stainless steel flush bowl and the toughest mounting and plumbing systems. These loos are not available for outdoor use with temperatures below 2 degrees.