Luxury Portable Toilet Hire

Luxury portable toilet hire around Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, and Kent!

Hiring a portable toilet for your event should be as luxurious as your event 

We have a range of luxury loos available for hire across the South-East of England, suitable for any and all events, we have smaller units for small events and larger units for big outdoor events.

A unit perfect for all occasions. Take a look below to find the perfect unit for your party, festival, or wedding!

The South East’s Leading Luxury Portable Toilet Hire Services

If you have an event taking place, whether small or large, then you will want the best for everything. Toilets make a massive impression on your guests, and that is why it is important to ensure your portable toilets are up to scratch.

This is where our luxury portable toilets come into play. From water basins with fresh water taps to cubicles and urinals; our luxury portable toilets have the essentials that you need in a larger space than more traditional portable toilets. Our luxury portable toilets are suitable for events of up to 200 people so you can rest assured that they can cater to your particular situation.

Portable luxury loo unit 3+1

These loo’s are perfect for medium/large outdoor of up to 200 people. They’re great for weddings, parties, and festival hire. With events over 200 people you can hire more units to suit your needs, call us for a free quote. All consumables are provided with every hire.​

These units do require a wide access and reasonably level site to be able to be dropped off and picked up safely. The units has high quality fixtures and fittings, and are maintained to the highest standard!


The Perfect Luxury Portable Toilets For Your Event

At Southern Loo Hire, we have a range of luxury portable toilets varying in sizes that are ready to set up for events all around the South East of England. Whether the event is a wedding, party, or festival; our luxury portable toilets will solve all the toilet needs for your event. 

No matter if your event has 50 or 300 people, our staff will provide expert advice on choosing suitable portable toilets for the situation. If you are unsure on the sizing or type of portable toilet that would be best for your event, just get in touch with a friendly member of our staff; we are always glad to help in any way we can!


Portable Luxury Toilet Hire ‘Near Me’

The highly-rated luxury portable toilets that we have on offer are on hand and ready to be set up for your event. Southern Loo Hire provides portable toilet hire events in the areas of Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex. Our highly experienced drivers and staff will be over in no time to ensure that your portable toilets are set up right on time for the event’s start time. 

If you are looking for luxury portable toilet hire near me, then look no further than Southern Loo Hire for industry-leading services. Our efficiency and reliability combined with our high-quality luxury portable toilets ensure that we provide the very best luxury toilet hire in the South East.

Call us to discuss the best solution for your events

The Difference Between Ordinary & Luxury Portable Toilets

At Southern Loo Hire, there are many differences between our luxury portable toilets compared to the ordinary toilets that are on offer. For a starter, the toilet units themself are much bigger, holding multiple cubicles or urinals. There are also water basins with taps that provide fresh water. There are no requirements for a water source as the unit itself stores fresh water, it’s as easy as that! 

If you are unsure of which type of portable toilet would be best for your event, just simply reach out and get in touch with us.

Deluxe Portable Toilets

Our deluxe loos are the perfect hire for event uses to keep your event attendees happy. These loos are of commercial quality, with stainless steel flush bowl and the toughest mounting and plumbing systems. These loos are not available for outdoor use with temperatures below 2 degrees.



Luxury Portable Toilets are perfect for any event where you want to provide a superior restroom experience. They are most commonly used for events like weddings, corporate functions, private parties, film shoots, and high-end outdoor events. These units offer a level of comfort and style above and beyond standard portable toilets.
Our Luxury Portable Toilets include a variety of amenities to ensure a comfortable experience for users. These can include flushable toilets, running water, sinks with hot and cold water, mirrors, interior lighting, air conditioning and heating, and even stereo systems. Additionally, these units often feature high-end finishes and decor to give the toilets a more elegant and luxurious feel.
The number of Luxury Portable Toilets you need will depend on the size and duration of your event. A general rule of thumb is to have one toilet for every 50 guests for an event lasting up to four hours. However, if your event is larger, or lasts longer, you may require more units. Our team is happy to help you calculate the exact number needed for your event.
We deliver the Luxury Portable Toilets to your event location and take care of all setup requirements. This includes connection to utilities if necessary. During your event, we can also provide maintenance services such as cleaning and restocking of supplies as per your requirements.
Most Luxury Portable Toilets require access to a power source to operate features like lighting, heating or air conditioning. Some models may also require a water hook-up. The exact requirements will depend on the specific model of luxury toilet that you hire. When you place your booking, we will discuss any necessary facilities or utilities that you will need to provide.

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